The nature of the Delta

Mutant landscapes and endless atmospheres. The Delta is an extraordinary natural stage where the waters of the great river move majestically, among the “golene”, until the meeting with the Adriatic through a labyrinth of sandy reeds and islands. The Delta park, biosphere reserve MAB UNESCO, is one of the most suggestive oasis of Italy and the second largest humid area of Europe.

Green pine forests and salt and fresh water valleys welcome one of the most important flora and fauna from all over the world. The mosaic of this territory is extraordinary in its authenticity, a real example of biodiversity, where water has always been the protagonist.
Where the land and the sky mingle, you can find a variety of natural treasures, so unique to be world heritage of humanity since 1999.

The authenticity

Is unique what is original and authentic. Is unique whatever is not fake, whatever expresses something, without artefaction, our essence. Being authentic is a trivial concept for many, but not for us. Being authentic means understanding and protecting all the values of our history and our territory, with respect for the past and attention for the future.

In villa Ca’ Zen it is possible to taste the genuine products of our agriculture, the result of a daily work. We work everyday to make an antique country house (built over 300 years ago) usable and sustainable. And to do it we believe in the concept of Sustainable development. This is why the entrepreneurial development and the conservation of different ecosystems are not incompatible with each other.
Our relationship with our territory is sincere, involving and emotional and so are our products, our history and our origins. Our Villa Veneta is a romantic place of meeting. It takes time to discover it and sensitivity to understand the numerous shades.

Well-being and generosity

We work to make Tenuta Ca’ Zen an oasis where you can come to relax and to escape from daily stress, to breath and rediscover nature. It is a meeting spot where to regenerate your soul, rest your mind, to train it to make more time from one thought to another. A place where to be yourself. Like the Delta, an area where nature expresses all its generosity for man, in a changeable landscape of land and water.

Our atmosphere, discreet, generous and cordial where doing outside activities make you feel better: on foot, by bike, by boat or riding. We promote emotional and well-being experiences in contact with nature to help our guest to discover people and landscapes. In a world where tranquillity is more important than daily frenzy. And stories of peoples’ lives, generous and authentic are more precious than the speed of normal life.