Il nostro logo

Brand evolution

Il nostro Brand è uno degli asset di maggior valore: in origine Tenuta Ca’ Zen ha aperto le proprie porte ai primi
ospiti come Bed & Breakfast nel 1997, quando il Cavalier Pericle Avanzo decise di accogliere una coppia di visitatori arrivati per esplorare il territorio incontaminato del Delta del Po.

Negli anni abbiamo ampliato l’offerta di servizi e di esperienze nel Delta: nell’estate del 2020 è nata la “Green Beach”, una pool area, aperta nel periodo estivo, riservata agli ospiti della Villa, e abbiamo esteso la nostra collaborazione con i principali stakeholder del territorio per offrire un ampio ventaglio di proposte per esplorare il Parco del Delta e godere dei suoi paesaggi. La pandemia COVID-19 ha accelerato un rinnovamento strategico già in programma: i tempi sono maturi per affermare un nuovo modello di vivere e visitare il Delta del Po, secondo la nostra idea di benessere e lusso, a stretto contatto con la natura.

Our business card

Our visual identity expresses the spirit of who we are, the values we believe in, and our identity: our logo, our colors, the character with which we communicate, the images and the tone of voice outline the main characteristics of the personality of our brand.


The logo is the official signature of our brand. Tenuta Ca ‘Zen is authentic, generous and welcoming, with a romantic soul since the time of Lord Byron. The logo, the most significant intangible asset, expresses our values and represents the symbol par excellence of welcome towards the arriving guest.

Along the gravelled road towards Ca ‘Zen

“Take the gravelled road, and go through the entrance gate. Look up at the balustrade, an iconic element in the center of the Villa that I have chosen to welcome you to discover a historic country house immersed in the greenery of the Po Delta Park.

Between these walls, history and tradition are carved on the stone at the foot of the balustrade and the Chapel.
And it is Chiara Moro Zen, the last descendant of the Zen family, who accompanies us on our journey with refined elegance and sober beauty.

I invite you to discover Tenuta Ca ‘Zen and let yourself be lulled by the romantic verses that Lord George Byron wrote in this place in 1820. Since then at Ca’ Zen wellness meets authenticity, in a timeless romantic atmosphere, Far from the madding crowd.

Our definition

In the heart of the façade stands the central balcony of our Villa, which looks the Sun straight in the face in the morning. Symbol of openness par excellence, the door has always been perceived by the guest as the most iconic element, when first seeing the Villa.

Whoever comes to Ca ‘Zen has always been a welcome guest, not just a tourist traveling in the Delta.

The opening of the door, in its elegant beauty, is strongly identifying for all of us: it is a discreet and exclusive curtain that we raise every time someone wishes to enter our internal world. That of a historic country house, which preserves, even in the speed of everyday life, the harmony of its rites and rhythms.

And it traces, in continuity over time, our link with history and poetry. Poetry, that’s right. Because from the balcony of the Villa, among other curiosities, Lord George Gordon Byron found that much sought after, and engaging, inspiration to write “Stanzas to the Po”, one of his most beautiful poems (1820s). The romanticism of his verses resonates within our ancient walls.