Lagoons and “Sacche”

Through the reeds, great nesting places for birds and natural filter for the purification of water, we enter in the lagoon. The lagoon is a lake of salt water, in some parts only a few centimeters deep, bounded towards the sea by sand dunes and twoards the river side by mud and sand banks, regularly submerged by the tides and “bonelli” mud Islands.

Where the waves penetrate shallow muddy Islands are formed among the branches of the river.Both in the lagoon and in the Sacca, shellfish and mollusks are raised, and the young fish are seeded in the Valle.

There are several lagoon in the Po Delta: Caleri, Vallona, Barbamarco, Batteria, Burcio, Basson e Bonelli Levante. “Sacche” are only 2: Canarin e Scardovari, known for raising mollusks and clams.

Villa Veneta Tenuta Ca' Zen

Values in which we believe

The nature of the Delta

The nature of the Delta: mutant landscapes and endless atmospheres. The Delta is an extraordinary natural stage where the waters of the great river move majestically, among the “golene”, until the meeting with the Adriatic through a labyrinth of...


What is original and authentic is unique. Being authentic is a trivial concept for many, but not for us. Being authentic means understanding and protecting all the values of our history and our territory, with respect for the past and attention for the future...

Well-being and generosity

We work to make Tenuta Ca’ Zen an oasis where you can come to relax and to escape from daily stress, to breath and rediscover nature. It is a meeting spot where to regenerate your soul, rest your mind, to train it to make more time from one thought to another...