Зеленая комната

Зеленая комната — это двухместный номер с деревянным полом. Из пяти окон открывается очеровательный вид на закат реки По, чтобы насладится цветами и пейзажами. Мис Элен спала здесь до своей свадьбы, и расстановка мебели осталась такой, как она предпочитала.

Villa Veneta Tenuta Ca' Zen

Values in which we believe

The nature of the Delta

Mutant landscapes and endless atmospheres. The Delta is an extraordinary natural stage where the waters of the great river move majestically, among the “golene”, until the meeting with the Adriatic through a labyrinth of sandy reeds and islands...

The authenticity

Is unique what is original and authentic. Is unique whatever is not fake, whatever expresses something, without artefaction, our essence. Being authentic is a trivial concept for many, but not for us. Being authentic means understanding and protecting all...

Well-being and generosity

We work to make Tenuta Ca’ Zen an oasis where you can come to relax and to escape from daily stress, to breath and rediscover nature. It is a meeting spot where to regenerate your soul, rest your mind, to train it to make more time from...