The Po Delta Nature Reserve

The Po Delta is 400 km² large and is formed by 6 branches: Po di Venezia, Po di levanter, Po di Maistra, Po di Goro, Po della Donzella, Po di Tolle.

The now “Fan shake Delta” is the result of years of work: in the last century the Delta has advanced at least 70 meters!

The experts have stated the in the last 2000 years the Delta has come on 65 km.

The Delta has an extraordinary variety of animal and vegetable species, and is one of the largest wet areas in the Mediterranean and Adriatic area.

In 1988 the “Parco Delta Del Po” was born, and the Delta is now on line for the world heritage list (Man and biosphere).

Over the centuries, the strategic position of the Po Delta has attracted different populations: at first Veneti, Bizantines, Logobards, Venetians, then the Papal State, and the Estense State.