Tenuta Ca' Zen

The charm of a Venetian Villa on the Po Delta

In Ca' Zen we strive each day to do all we can to mintain its autenticity and its true soul. This lovely Venetian Villa Close to Venice, Ferrara, Ravenna, is a perfect geaway in which to take refuge from our daily stressful life

The Po Delta is a generous Land, where nature, wild life, water and soil, are fertile and abundant.

Ca' Zen is exclusive, and at the same time friendly and welcoming, a perfect spot for riding, boating, cycling and generally living in close harmony to nature.

We know that in the modern world success is closely linked to speed, but we have chosen a different path... slow down! Think, enjoy the peace of our Nature Reserve, drink in the history of our Country home, understand Veneto, and the Venetian history.

The charm of a historic Country home

Discover our history, listen to our stories

Ca' Zen's strong points

In the heart of magic scenery, Ca' Zen stands proudly, secretly storing three centuries of history, always strongly linked with the sorounding soil, land and water. Every corner of this home reveals small treasures which surprise and fascinate.

Welcome to our home

The charm of our timeless stories

From shooting lodge
to Villa Veneta

Tenuta Ca' Zen, charming historical country home located in the heart of the Po delta Nature Reserve, dates back to the 1400 hundreds, when the first chapel was built, as a praying spot for all those travelling next to the great River Po . The Chapel was dedicated to the Saint Margherita. Ca' Zen, as we see it today, was re built and organized in the beginning of 1700.

Our story

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