The origins of Ca' Zen

  • 1604


    Ca' Zen stands in the exact point in which, in 1604, the Venetian Republic decided to cut the course of the River Po further South, thus avoiding that the Venetian Lagoon would be filled up with the soil bough out by this majestic River. This happened wit the work of 6000 prisoners, 6000 spades....

    Ca' Zen (Once called "CasonMalipiero") was built as a shooting lodge by the Patrician Venetian family called "Malipiero", then the property passed on to the noble Zen, the To The Marchesi Guiccioli, and finally to the Casalicchio avanzo, land owners, and farmers in the area, responsible for the great part of the land reclamation.

  • Beginning of 800


    The most eminent of the Marchesi Guiccioli, Alessandro, decided to marry for the third time( having lost his first two wifes in uncertain circumstances). His thisrd and beautiful young wife was called Countess Teresa Gamba. The couple lived a brilliant life in Venice, where, one day Teresa's heart was cought by a young and romantic poet: Lord George Gordon Byron, then on his romantic Grand Tour in Italy.

    Teresa was sent by her angry husbant To Ca' Zen, then described as a sad and malaric spot, hoping she would repent on her sins... but love has no boundaries, and Byron followed her beloved to Ca' Zen, where he wrote one of his most beautiful poems: Stanzas to the Po.

    "River! That floweth by the antient walls where dwells the lady of my love..."

  • During the 19th century


    The property then passed on to the Casalicchio Avanzo, land owners, brilliant farmers, responsible for a lot of the land reclamation which has turned the delta in one of the most fertile lands in Europe.

  • 1960


    My father, cavalier Pericle Avanzo, came to live in his mother's family home in the 1960. He lived here with the great love of his life, Elaine Westropp Bennett, born in the South of Ireland, and true spirit of this home still today.

  • Today


    The last few years have changed us, making us understand even more the worth of the place we live in , and this is why we wish to share our home and the Po delta with you far from the madding crowd.. far from the cities and the sites of men..

Ca' Zen where many people have stayed in

  • Isabella Rossellini

  • King Alberto and Queen Paola di Liegi, king and queen of Belgium

  • Baroness Maria Antonietta Avanzo

  • Lord George Gordon Byron

  • Associazione Ville Venete dell'Adige
  • Ville Venete For You
  • poc-regione-veneto
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