Po di Maistra and Ca’ Pisani

The Po di Maistra is a place of extraordinary beauty within the Po Delta. This Branch of the River Po distinguishes itself for being the most beautiful and non contaminated , and offers a perfect envirorment for keen birdwatchers. Along its banks it is possible to admire the large number of birds populating the Po Delta. The area is considered one of our sanctuaries as far as bird life is concerned.

Oasi CA' Pisani is an area of great intersest within the Po di Maistra, and this humid area has an incredibly rich vegetation, composed principally by poplar trees, willows all growing along the banks of the River . These woods create a perfect habitat for a large number of birds, among which the Nightingale, the KingFisher well known for its beautiful coluoring and his ability to plunge into the river in order to capture fish, the Bee eater, and a large family of herons, who find refuge in this protected area.

One of the sanctuaries of the Po Delta for nesting is located in Ca' Venier, near Oasi Pisani. This place has one of the largest nesting placec for herons in the whole of the Delta Nature reserve: White herons, Grey herons, Night Herons, Egritts have chosen this spot to build their nests and grow their offspring! This is a truely breath taking location, and one to visit during the nesting period.

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