Towards "Isola dell'Amore"

The Goro Light House, and the "Isola dell'amore" are two small jemms located in the heart of the most rich vegetation of the Po delta. There is nothing better than to get on board of one of those flat bottomed small boats, and navigate through the fresh Po Waters, and then the mixed waters of the Bay of Goro. Navigating through this interesting envirorment, you have the oportunity to observe the costal changes, always accompanied by the same 150 year old romantic land mark: The Light House.

The Bay of Goro, with its mixed waters represents one of the most beautiful parts of the Po Delta. Here thousands of birds find refuge, creating a rare spectacle of natural beauty: Herons, Seagulls, sterns and many others live toghether with the local fisher men who in this area cutivalte clams , mussels and oysters.

To navigate towards the " Isola dell'Amore" means plunging into a magical and beautiful landscape where water, land and sky blend perfectly.

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