Comacchio salt pans

The Comacchio salt Pans extend on an area of about 550 hectars, and represent the real heart of this region. The salt plant plan dates back to Napoleonic times, and reminds us about the importance of Comacchio used to have, specially thanks to its' salt production. Comacchio and its' salt pans are an absolute jewell, well worth a visit both for their beauty and historical interest.

Besides their Historical Value, the comacchio salt Pans are also an area of outstanding beauty, where water, sand, and the auctoctonus plants create a perfect habitat for many species of birds. The isolation and tranquility of the salt pan, turn this place into a true oasis of peace, and into a perfect refuge fo many birds' nesting. Among the many species, the pink flamingo populates the salt pan, creating one of the largest and extremly rare colonies in Europe.

The presence of the pinkl flamingoes in the Comacchio salt Pan is a very importnat ornitological event. Together with the flamingoes living in the near Scardovari Bay, this site offers the ideal nesting place for flamingoes. The sight of these elegant birds, of their extraordinary coloured feathers, their curved beaks, elegantly mooving in the shallow waters of the salt pan, is absolutly unique and memorable. This is why, Comacchio and its salt pans represent a unique combination of cuture, hisotry, architecture, and stark natural beauty.

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