Comacchio is a lovely town located just over the Veneto border in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Ferrara, next to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The origin of this town is late Roman: it was built on 13 small Islands, connected to each other by bridges. This area used to be a refuge for the Padua People during the various invasions in the V century.

Comacchio then became a rich commercial crossway for salt and for fish, up to 946. In 946 it was invaded and devastated by the Venetians. The following years it was contended between the Da Polenta (from Ravenna), the Estensi (from Ferrara) and the Venetians, who, in the end, conquered the area.

In 1598 Ferrara and Comacchio became part of the papal state and in 1800 most of the area was reclaimed.

The most beautiful monuments are "Trepponti" built in 1634, the Hospital of St Camillo (today the seat of a Museum), Palazzo Bellini and the Loggiato dei Capuccini with its stunning 142 arches. Near the coast there are the 7 Lidi of Comacchio.

In the fish farms there are a few old "casoni" : charming buildings lived in by fishermen.

Comacchio now lives on fishing and agriculture.