Elegant rooms in a seventeenth century country home

All the bedrooms in the Villa have bee restored, maintaining at the same time all the charm and warmth of an old country house. Each bedroom is different.

From the 15 of may all the bedrooms will have access to free Wi-Fi.

West Wing

The Green Room

This lovely twin bedroom with a balcony from which you can admire the sun setting, and original...

The Blue Room

A charming double bedrooms with private bathroom, located in the central part of the Villa...


A little apartment consisting of one double bedroom, all decorated in white and light blue...

The Red Room

A lovely double bedroom with bathroom overlooking the garden, where a few years ago the...

East Wing

The Study Room

A lovely double bedroom with private bathroom, original 17 century floor and wodden beams

The Boat Room

This attractive bedroom is our only single bedroom we have. It is decorated with interesting boat...

The Aia Room

A sunny double bedroom with private bathroom also equipped for disabled people.

The Chapel Room

Here is one of the loveliest rooms in Ca’ Zen! With private bathroom, six windows, and...

Self Catering Cottage

A few meters away from the main Villa there is a self catering...